Who we are

My name is Marco Tabarrini. My company was born in the hills of Montefalco with the aim of creating the atmosphere of the farms of the past.

Today we raise sheeps, pigs, goose and chickens for you.

Immersed in the green Umbrian countryside, at the "Fattoria la Redola Verde" we produce everything needed for the sustenance of our animals. To feed our Lacaune sheeps we use the hay produced by us without chemical fertilizers, but fertilized with manure, which guarantees ventilated soils in which our weeds can grow, closing the circle of corporate eco-sustainability. The pigs of Cinta Senese are feeded with the fruits offered by the undergrowth, and in the less fruitful months we feed them with a mixture of cereals and grasses produced by us.

We pay particular attention to the natural needs of our animals. We do not milk pregnant sheeps and we guarantee to each sheep the right rest after giving birth. The lambs remain with their mothers until weaning. We raise Lacaune sheeps which is a type of French sheep with a great aptitude for lactation. We process their milk according to the Umbrian tradition to produce various types of pecorino cheese.

The Cintato pig grazes in our woods between oaks and hazelnuts, so the daily search for food creates a musculature that makes it unique. From its meat we produce cured meats.

Chickens, goose and hens grow under the sun in open spaces. With their continuous scratching they maintain a natural balance with other living beings on the ground.

Finally, in our olive groves we cultivate PDO Umbria olives, through fertilization with manure and the use of small agricultural vehicles with which safeguard the soil, keeping it rich in natural nutrients.

On the farm, work is regulated by the natural rhythms of the countryside, with simplicity thanks to what our grandparents taught us, and trying to be as eco-sustainable as possible.